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Restore your PC Laptop to a great condition with a a fast onsite services.
  • If your PC has diagnosed onsite and exceeded more than your budget to order parts to fix it, in this case will charge you only $50 as a consultant onsite.


Ship us your laptop, we will fix it and return it back (free return shipping label) and then you make payment after repair.


Local appointment schedule for on-site. Service area includes Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz.

What Can We Offer You On-Site Or ship it to us?

  • Flat-rate pricing for services
  • No Repair done? No fee!
  • Pre-troubleshooting diagnostic report for your computer to let you in on the problems before start working.
  • Progress updates of your device’s troubleshooting.

Build a PC at your location

You will get our consultant to purchase your PC gaming, editing hardware depends on your budgeting and schedule your appointment to build the PC at your location.

Data Backup, Cloning, and Recovery

Lose your data? No problem! Whatever the problem may be, it is still possible to recover it as it is possible even with a corrupted hard-drive. Need that same data backed up? We’ll do that too!

Application Migration Solution

Got a new computer and you need your old software on your new computer? We will move all your licensed software like Photoshop, Microsoft office or any other software to be ready for use on the new computer.

PC-Hard Drive Issues

We can fix problems such as check disk errors, bad sectors, delays, etc.

Apple Mac/Windows PC upgrade, and re-installation

Services include windows update, software configuration, and setups.

Laptops Keyboard Repair and Replacement

Broken keyboard on your laptop? We’ll order one and replace it! Additional part fees apply.

Wireless-WiFi and networking solutions

We’ll check networking connectivity and run a cable certifier and a speed test. We’ll also will check functionality for devices such as modems and routers.

Cable and wireless Printer issues

Got a problem with your printer? We’ll troubleshoot that too!


Will run cat 5 cable through drop selling and concealed wiring behind a wall

Or tell us what is your project to send you an estimated price.

PC tune-up and Optimization

  • Removal of all viruses.
  • Removal of unwanted popups and applications that may cause
  • Fixing hard drive delay and bad sector, low virtual memory, and error messages
  • Optimization of boot-ups and shutdowns.
  • Optimization of all internet browsers and internet connectivity.
  • Testing of all hardware components including memory and cooling system.
  • Cleansing of internal components of any dust
  • Installation of helpful utilities


laptop restoration repair

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by robert hamilton on Blank Business Name
Laptop Restoration also works on desktop PC's very well!

Laptop Restoration's "secret" is that he also knows desktop PC's very well. He has done repairs on my old Windows XP desktop PC; my less old Windows 7 destop PC; and built me from components, a very fast gaming desktop PC just this last week. My oldest PC powersupply died at one time; the CPU cooling fan died a different time; had memory failures; drive problems...all over a period of some years. He fixed/tuned/replaced to keep my older PC running. Newer PC motherboard died...he replaced and upgraded. Newest! My only criticism is that he is a perfectionist and so did not always give me same day service....but I am ok with having a PC perfectionist working on my stuff.....can't complain about his I said, the guy is a perfectionist. Which is the kind of PC technician I want for my stuff. rh