Snake USB Wire Camera|Ethernet cables installation

The  USB wire camera(snake camera) is very important during Ethernet cables installation or cables concealed, the camera has helped to find a stud blocked my work to extend Ethernet cable behind a wall without cutting a piece of dry wall to see what is behind the wall, so i inserted the snake camera 5 ft taped with a rod fishing tape to see what is that prevented me to go through and indeed the camera has detected that wood stud was blocked my way, just connect the USB camera to your laptop and use Microsoft movie make to see a video and you can record it.

Speed up your internet through Speed Duplex/Auto Negotiation

Today onsite i have involved to test an internet connectivity speed by wireless adapter and a result was great, but when i tested the speed through cat5 cable the result was so bad. Finally i checked an adapter configuration options and was on 100 Mbps and when i changed to auto negotiation option works great, so make sure your internet adapter setting is on the auto negotiate to get a right speed and will switch depends on your provider’s source.

ePrint through a Smart Phone or a Tablet.

It’s an easy and a smart way to print your document by your devices through wifi/wireless, and your printer should be wireless/wifi supported to print through a smartphone or a tablet , go to your smart phone/tablet to download an App that related to your printer’s brand, if you have an Hp printer try to download the (hp ePrint)app it’s a free. After that double click on it and enter your email address to send you an activation code, get the activation from your email copy/paste into the ePrint app and select your hp printer after the activation.

Optimization-Tuneup and Preventive Maintenance

Below is a list of preventive maintenance will help you to keep your computer up and running for long of time properly.

Cleaning and dust out for your computer hardware by a blower, checking latest drivers for PC hardware, checking latest Windows updates, verifying you have the latest anti-virus protection updates on your computer, charging and discharging (calibrating) your laptop’s battery weekly, making sure you have an adequate of your updated data backup (in a cloud storage preferred). All there articles will help your computer working properly.

Bios Setting Error

Bios Setting Error: If you get a blank and black screen when computer PC – POST (Power On Self Test) done. This is usually a result of incorrect settings in the BIOS like incorrect time and date or low voltage for CMOS battery, a memory and time clock are generally controlled by CMOS battery, If the battery voltage is low a system will not work Systematically and Correctly. As a result, you will receive a black screen and some errors,  replace the CMOS battery and re-correct the time and date

Blue Screen of death-BSOD

Blue Screen of death-BSOD: A blue screen happens because some viruses have corrupted a Sys’s registry and drivers files or a hard drive has a bad sector, you know sometimes hardware issues causing the BSOD preventing further damaging. The sys will cease all operations and shows you the “Blue screen of death” with code to notify you and to avoid further damage to the system.

Laptop Lcd Screen Bad Display

Lcd Screen Bad Display Issues: When you see your laptop lcd flickering or displaying many colors, bad back-light and white display that means there are problems with lcd cable, inverter and bad connection with a MB. First of all try to test the inverter by inverter tester then go to test the cable and connections by replacing with another one works and make sure rgere is no lose connection.

GPU-CPU Defective

CPU and GPU are a powerful combination working together to accelerate and optimize a graphic efficiency, any of these unite is not working properly you will receive a bad display, black screen, restart randomly and a sys won’t boot up properly. If a fan-heatsink dusty or closed in this case the cooling system will be overheated that is one of most common defective for the cooling sys and GPU-CPU defective, just keep clean up your PC by a blower to avoid the damage for the cooling system.