About Laptop Restoration, Inc

Laptop Restoration, Inc is a licensed and certified laptop repair company. Started in 2010, we had one goal in mind, and that is to offer high-quality PC laptop repairs and sell refurbished laptop parts to suit any laptop needs. Laptop parts are usually very costly, which is why we try as hard as we can to work with customers and provide repairs and parts for low costs.

Experience includes, but not limited to: independent contractor IT tech, PC field Technician for on-site refresh projects in San Francisco Area and Los Angeles area, inventory, networking cables, troubleshooting, Kiosk install tech, deployment /re-image by Acronis and Ghost, soldering, printer troubleshooting, laptop and desktop repairs, assembler, refurbisher eMarketing/Amazon Seller, Amazon home services  and much more.

  • Volunteered for thousands hours hands on PC Repair experiences.
  • Independent contractor IT tech and lead PC Technician 5 years-present working with IT staffing agencies/View Profile.
  • Owner /Built Licensed certified Home based PC repair business in Marina, California.
  • E-Markting/Amazon.com Seller and offer computers repair services on Amazon local home/View Profile.